What Can You Do To Prevent Text Neck?

0 July 21, 2018

A study of over 7000 young adults between the ages of 20 and 24 showed persistent neck and upper Back Pain associated with time spent text messaging. Accelerated neck and mid-back spinal degeneration becomes a likely side effect of the forward head flexion often experienced through texting. The increase in disc pressure during flexion contributes to disc degeneration and poor spinal health. Chiropractic remains one of the most important and effective interventions to minimize and reverse the negative effects of texting. Research clearly proves a connection between text messaging and adverse Conditions in the neck and shoulders. The spine’s intimate relationship with the central nervous system directly links optimal function and well-being to the status of the spine. The nervous system becomes imbalanced whenever spinal position or mobility becomes altered or misaligned. The resulting host of unwelcome Conditions and symptoms includes: problems with immunity, digestion, attention, concentration, energy, breathing, Headaches and even heart problems. Chiropractors detect and correct spinal misalignments to remove stress from the nervous system and allow the spine and body to function like it should. What Can You Do To Prevent Text Neck? Here are Simple Strategies to Prevent or Minimize the Effects of “Text Neck” 1) Hold cell phones (and all electronic devices) at eye level a

0 March 8, 2018

Obviously, the biggest difference between the old concept of a woman and the new concept of a woman is independence – women have completely entered the workforce. Women perform most of the household and childcare responsibilities, regardless of their employment status. Women are better communicators and compromisers. A Modern Woman defines herself separate from stereotypes. She is introspective, brave and intelligent enough to know her own strengths and weaknesses. She acts to maximize her strengths and minimize her weaknesses.

Well! Thats great! Women are being independent.


With doing all household work, Childbirth, childcare responsibilities, family responsibilities, jobs, they never take care of their own body and that’s why they start getting body related complications as age increase. Picture12

Read Full article to understand how women get more spine related complications than men and how chiropractic treatment can helps you.

First of all, males and females bones develop at different rates. We all know the adage that girls

0 May 29, 2016

Neck Pain chiropractic treatment If you have contacted to any allopathic doctor and he could not have managed to give you relief from the neck pain, then you should think about the other methods of treatment. It is a time to go for something different that can heal your pain completely. One good option for you is to choose an experienced chiropractor. He or she will never give you any medicine, but will ideally take a week or two to cure your neck pain. chiropractic-treatment-for-neck-pain Following the real time treatment He or she will be doing the cervical adjustment easily in three styles. It can be simply by mobilizing your cervical bone with massages or can be through the gentle manual traction. Cervical drop technique is also used in the process of treatment, which seems to be really effective for all the patients. Know the reason The basic reason of this pain is due to excess stress on the bones, which can be a physical or a psychological too. Physical stress can be due to heavy object movement or can be simply for sleeping or standing pos

0 February 29, 2016

Subluxation is partial dislocation of a joint and luxation is full dislocation of joint. Subluxation commonly occurs in shoulder, spine, ankle or neck. The most common cause of Subluxation is physical stress, emotional stress. Chiropractic has been proven very effective in Subluxation treatments.

Subluxation Symptoms:

Subluxation – misalignment of joints can cause nerve compression which can lead to back pain , neck pain. Following are the symptoms for vertebral Subluxation;

  • Pain, numbness, soreness in back, neck, ankle or any joint.
  • Joint pain and/or stiffness
  • Weakness , reduced mobility of joints
  • Reduced healing power
  • Headache and dizziness

Additional problems can occur if Subluxation presses some specific nerve like , sciatica , hernia etc. That is why it is very important to treat Subluxation in starting phase. Untreated Subluxation can cause dysfunction of joints or disease.

Treating Subluxation can help to ease pain associated with large set of painful conditions, including:

  • s

0 February 24, 2016

Neck pain is most of the time normal condition which can be relieved in few days only. While in some case neck pain is chronic when it is caused by serious injury or illness. Neck is structured from vertebrae, cervical disks, bones ligaments and muscles so any injuries or inflammation can cause neck pain or stiffness. If neck pain continues more than 5-7 days or it is severe or it is accompanied by other symptoms kindly seek for medical attention immediately. Cause: Neck Pain or stiffness or muscle strain is caused by poor posture, working in the same posture for long hours, jerk, bad neck position while sleeping, normal wear and tear or overuse of muscles. Sometimes it is caused by injury from sports or accidents or whiplash. Injury: Neck is more vulnerable to injury like car accidents, falls, sports where the neck muscles are forced to move out of their range. The neck can be dislocated or fractured by sudden jerk of the head – whiplash. Neck injury might cause damage to spine also. Diseases and conditions which cause Neck Pain are as below.

  • Arthritis: Arthritis can cause pain when it occurs in neck area it causes chronic pain.
  • Osteoporosis: it can cause damage and fractures to bones making them more fragile and brittle.
  • Fibromyalgia: It causesmus