Neck Pain, Causes and Non Surgical Treatment

0 May 29, 2016

Neck Pain chiropractic treatment If you have contacted to any allopathic doctor and he could not have managed to give you relief from the neck pain, then you should think about the other methods of treatment. It is a time to go for something different that can heal your pain completely. One good option for you is to choose an experienced chiropractor. He or she will never give you any medicine, but will ideally take a week or two to cure your neck pain. chiropractic-treatment-for-neck-pain Following the real time treatment He or she will be doing the cervical adjustment easily in three styles. It can be simply by mobilizing your cervical bone with massages or can be through the gentle manual traction. Cervical drop technique is also used in the process of treatment, which seems to be really effective for all the patients. Know the reason The basic reason of this pain is due to excess stress on the bones, which can be a physical or a psychological too. Physical stress can be due to heavy object movement or can be simply for sleeping or standing pos

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0 February 24, 2016

Neck pain is most of the time normal condition which can be relieved in few days only. While in some case neck pain is chronic when it is caused by serious injury or illness. Neck is structured from vertebrae, cervical disks, bones ligaments and muscles so any injuries or inflammation can cause neck pain or stiffness. If neck pain continues more than 5-7 days or it is severe or it is accompanied by other symptoms kindly seek for medical attention immediately. Cause: Neck Pain or stiffness or muscle strain is caused by poor posture, working in the same posture for long hours, jerk, bad neck position while sleeping, normal wear and tear or overuse of muscles. Sometimes it is caused by injury from sports or accidents or whiplash. Injury: Neck is more vulnerable to injury like car accidents, falls, sports where the neck muscles are forced to move out of their range. The neck can be dislocated or fractured by sudden jerk of the head – whiplash. Neck injury might cause damage to spine also. Diseases and conditions which cause Neck Pain are as below.

  • Arthritis: Arthritis can cause pain when it occurs in neck area it causes chronic pain.
  • Osteoporosis: it can cause damage and fractures to bones making them more fragile and brittle.
  • Fibromyalgia: It causesmus

0 February 24, 2016

Back Pain is the most common painful condition suffered by women, men above age 30 and old people. Because of the stressful lifestyle, poor postures and unhealthy eating habits even nowadays teenagers are also suffering from back pain, which is a point to worry!!

So what causes Back Pain?

Back Pain can be a symptom of illness or medical condition you are going through. Back Pain can also occur because of some recent surgery you underwent. Most common causes for Back Pain are as below:

  • Stress  :

Back Sprain or strain caused by over load of back muscles. Obesity is main factor for overloading back muscles even pregnancy can cause overload of muscles which can lead to back pain.

  • Injury in back bones :

Injury of back bones / fractures can be caused by Accidents. Osteoporosis can also cause fracture in back bones as it makes bones brittle and fragile.

  • Degenerative arthritis:

Degenerative Arthritis is wear and tear process due to age, injury and genetic disposition.