Pinched Nerves Treatment

Chiropractic Treatment for Pinched Nerves
Pinched Nerves Pain Treatment

Pinched Nerve (Compressed Nerve)

When a nerve or a set of nerves in body are stretched, compressed or constricted, this type of injury is called a Pinched Nerve. It can cause a number of symptoms like, numbness, burning sensation, pins and needles feeling around affected area. With rest the symptoms often get alleviate but if they don’t contact It happens mostly in neck.

Pinched Nerve Causes in Neck

Misalignment in neck: misalignment of a spinal bone that puts pressure on a spinal nerve. Disc Degeneration in Neck: When the spinal disc starts to lose its height, the disc has started to degenerate; it makes the hole that the nerve gets less room to exit and puts pressure on that nerve. Osteoarthritis in Neck: Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease. This is also a cause for Pinched Nerve in neck.

Pinched Nerve Symptoms

Pinched Nerve can cause many symptoms which can affect your daily routine. For some symptoms you may not be aware that the underlying cause is pinched nerve.

Pinched Nerve symptoms include: Neck Pain, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Headaches, Spinal Pain, Arm or Leg Pain, Limited Motion Range, Trouble Sitting for Long Periods of Time, Difficulty Sleeping .

Indian Chiropractic Treatment for Pinched Nerve

If a pinched nerve causing you your daily routine and not affected by rest then you should definitely plan a visit to chiropractor services provided by Indian, Visit our website and fix an appointment at our nearby centre.

Our well experienced Chiropractor will observe and consult you with full physical examination to check is any nerve interference is there. This will help to understand the underlying root cause for your pain and discomfort. After the root cause is been discovered your chiropractor will discuss the whole treatment he/she has planned for your specific problem. This treatment will not only help you get relief from pain but it will remove the underlying root cause of the problem. Chiropractor can also recommend some routine exercises and some other practises to strengthen problem area and reduce the risk of recurring problem. 

Treatments your chiropractor can suggest and practise to help your pinched nerve at Indian Chiropractic, include:

  • - Spine adjustment technique to manipulate spine, legs, arms and neck .
  • - Physiotherapy, ultrasound treatment, and electrotherapy, ice packs: to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • - Flexion distraction: it is a decompression technique to take pressure off your spine and help with alignment. it requires a specially designed table.

All the treatments listed above are possible chiropractic treatments for Pinched Nerves. Visit our nearest centre for more details about your personalised treatment plan which will be designed accordingly your pain symptoms and history.

If you are facing any of the above mentioned symptoms since long time, book an appointment with our well experienced chiropractor today itself.

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